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Provide safe, high-quality, affordable, community-based, holistic education for Liberia's youngest children.

Community Engagement

S3 is a community-based organization and strongly values community involvement. We believe that in order for children to have the greatest chance of success in life, the home | school | community connection needs to be strong. The S3 staff will provide seminars and trainings for student parents as well as any interested members of the community in order to encourage our holistic approach to education.

Teacher Training

S3 teachers are members of the communities where our centers are located and therefore have unique understandings of both cultural and community needs. Each teacher will receive three months pre-service training, concentrated mentoring and coaching through the first few months of the center opening, and continuous professional development driven by teacher suggestions and needs throughout their entire time with S3.

Early Childhood Care and Education

Each S3 center will be equipped to enroll 75 children ages 3 months to 5 years old. They will learn, explore, and grow in classrooms separated by age, which will allow teachers to administer developmentally appropriate, play-based curriculum.

Our Story

Over the past ten years, our founder Hailey has worked and traveled in many African countries and has witnessed time and again children cared for by those hardly older than themselves, often with little to no adult supervision. This is becoming more prevalent as more mothers enter the formal workforce and are unable to take their children with them. These observations made Hailey question why these children don't have a safe, educational place to go, which led her to a passion for creating educational centers for young children and beyond. These Early Childhood Care and Education (ECCE) centers begin with offerings for early childhood development and ultimately position the children so they are prepared to enter school on time and find success in their pursuits inside and outside the classroom.


Start young, help unlock unlimited potential!

  • December 2010

    Our Humble Beginnings

    Our founder discovered her passion, and the seeds of Strong Starts for Success were born.

  • 2011-2021

    Experience Builds

    Experiences were had, people were met, ideas were fleshed out and the concepts for Strong Starts for Success became more concrete.

  • March 2022

    It's Official!

    Strong Starts for Success officially became registered as nonprofit organization.

  • September 2022 - October 2022

    Piloted the Training Program

    We tested our training program in the Harlandsville community in Buchanan city, Grand Bassa County.

  • November 2022

    A Home is Found

    The Robertsport community welcomed the organization and its mission, and renovations began on the building.

  • January 2023 - April 2023

    Let it Begin

    The Robertsport trainees were recruited and received their pre-service training.

  • April 2023

    Open Arms

    The Robertsport Center opens its doors to the community's children.

  • Coming

  • Now

    Looking for Land

    We are currently working to acquire land for our next center.

  • January 2025

    Construct a Model Center

    Strong Starts for Success will create a model community center as a northstar for future development.

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